The Wild Honey Pie, a music blog based in Brooklyn, is a collective of writers, videographers, directors, photographers, and artists who promote the music they love via words, photos, original videos, and live concert events.

This year, they’re doing something new:  Summer Camp!  Imagine an entire day (to night) event during which they’ll be filming buzz sessions with six different bands, enjoying free food/beer/pool party/bbq/bonfire/all that good stuff at an uber (gasp!) secret location about an hour away from NYC on MetroNorth.

Summer Camp

I was able to chat with TWHP’s Christine Campbell, to tell us more about Summer Camp.

GP:  What’s the concept behind the Summer Camp?  Who are the Founders/ Organizers?  How long has this been going for?

Christine:  Summer Camp is the brainchild of Eric Weiner, founder of The Wild Honey Pie. We’re pulling it off with the help of our friends over at Consequence of Sound. 


The idea for Summer Camp came very organically to Eric; his family owns the property where it’s taking place, so over the years we’ve filmed some Buzzsessions there (Sydney Wayser, Snowblink). He’s been dying to have multiple bands come up and this year finally decided it was the right time. Once we started planning these sessions, it became very clear that there was an opportunity to do something new and truly special for anyone involved. At the same time, reliving a day at summer camp seemed like a fun concept that we haven’t seen done in this way before, so the wheels were set in motion and little by little the ideas came together and became Summer Camp, an original video series that in many ways is like a music festival. Except it’s only 100 people, the bands are performing just a few songs, and there’s the obvious summer camp activities that are structuring the day. Eric (and the rest of us) couldn’t be happier with how it’s all come together. The right things all fell into place. 

GP:   What’s the defining feature of this event that sets you apart from other music festivals/events?

Christine:  What really makes Summer Camp different than other festival is that is isn’t a festival. We are truly recreating a day at summer camp and turning the production into an original video series where each episode is a different summer camp activity. While our inviting 100 “campers” adds a festival environment to a certain degree, it’s really much more about rounding out the concept and creating more compelling content.

GP:  How did you curate your lineup?  What were the prerequisites?

Christine: This one’s simple: Eric chose his favorite New York-based bands. This really is a dream lineup for us and a great way to launch the series.

GP:  Who are your fave musicians in the lineup?

Christine:  Too hard to pick! They’re all favorites! Belle Mare is probably the least well-known, so if forced to pick, we’d probably fight for the underdog here. But I mean honestly, all of these bands are great.

Well, there you have it — your musical sabbatical from the noise of NYC.  They have about 100 spots for RSVP, so better get on it!  Oh, did I mention, it’s FREE?!  RSVP here.

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