All you ever wanted to know about Greenpointers blog written by another blog.

From Brick Undergound:

“Born-and-bred New Yorker Jen Galatioto is the latest to add her voice to BrickUnderground’s Confessions of a Neighborhood Blogger series.

Galatioto grew up in Middle Village, Queens, but when she moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 2010 she found a real sense of community and home and wanted to blog about it. So a year later she bought the blog Greenpointers from Justine Carroll, who founded it in 2007. Read the entire article.

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  1. I laugh when I read posts from people who live in Greenpoint for such a short time. Glad though that for the most part it is positive. I am 60 years old and was born and raised there, raised my son there and my sister still lives there. The amazing thing… when you said you were from Brooklyn when I was young people were like “you live in Brooklyn” like it was a bad All you needed I guess was to quadruple X2 the rent, call coffee a latte and call hanging out front a cafe. Greenpoint was always the place to be & sorry it took raise of prices for people to realize it. 🙂

    1. I remember when being from Brooklyn wasn’t considered a good thing, too. I dated someone whose parents were born in Bay Ridge and moved to Jersey and were horrified when one of their daughters moved to Greenpoint. Even though she assured them it was safe, her apartment on Manhattan Ave was robbed blind, only adding to her parents terror.

      When my Dad immigrated from Sicily to Bushwick, they referred to Bensonhurst where all the other Italians lived as “the other Brooklyn” and the folks in Bensonhurst called Bushwick the same. They moved to Queens because Bushwick in the 50s was not a safe place.

      A very long time ago, my maternal Great Grandfather was the Pastor of the Noble St Presbyterian Church in Greenpoint, and my grandmother was born on that block – around the same time as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn took place – turn of the century. Her mother, my great-grandmother swam in the Newtown Creek! When it wasn’t the industrial toilet it is now. I think these family roots make me so connected to the neighborhood.

      Brooklyn is part of the history of many people, whether they were born and raised there or not.

      Thanks for your comment!

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