At 5:45pm today at the Greenpoint Ave G train, Council Member Stephen Levin, along with elected officials and Greenpoint residents will seek the public’s assistance in apprehending a suspect wanted in connection with the sexual assault of a 26 year-old woman in Greenpoint last Sunday, according to Levin’s office.

Be careful and spread the news of this incident to other residents so not only can we be on the look out for the suspect but that we can remember to be more cautious while on the streets of Greenpoint especially at night.

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    1. Dear Ms. Shitty,

      It’s pathetic that you take a tragic situation like a rape and twist it in order to bad mouth others on your blog (like me) – to which I can’t even reply because I don’t have access to comment. Instead of wasting your time on that – why not do something useful and fill everyone in on the information you have (as mentioned above) so the community can be in the know and safe?

      Jennifer Galatioto

  1. Actually, councilman levin was there, as was I and a female priest, and we found a guy who matched the description and he was arrested. So give him a little credit. Look out for news on this story.

    1. Hi Todd-
      Thanks for writing and being there. I spoke to an officer at the Special Victims squad and asked him if they apprehended a suspect and they said that it is still under investigation and could not release that info. Please email me: greenpointers (at) if you have any further information. Thanks for using your time helping the community.

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