Don’t you just want to stick your face into this plate of food? It tastes as good as it looks.

For only two more nights, tonight and tomorrow (6/20 & 6/21) from 6-11pm Bunna Cafe is taking over Little Skips (941 Willoughby Ave) in Bushwick for an authentic and amazing Ethiopian & Vegan Pop-Up. I would never tell you to leave Greenpoint for Bushwick, unless it wasn’t absolutely worth it, so we rode our bikes over last night to try it out first. I say go!

I’d never had Ethiopian food before, but I will still say that this is the best Ethiopian food in New York City and definitely some of the most satisfying vegan food around.

There was an option to try everything on the menu, which we obviously did along with some honey wine, which was strong and very sweet.

If you like to pick around your plate for a lot of variety, this is the meal for you. If you also like to eat without utensils, and instead wrap your food in a fluffy sauce absorbing pancake, even more reason to get all over this.


The entire meal sits on a giant edible plate, too. The pumpkin stew smack in the middle of the plate was there for a reason. It was the highlight and most filling of the dishes, rich and perfectly seasoned. The creamy lentils reminded me of Indian style lentils in their flavor, but there was a smokiness that certainly set them apart. The roasted beets, fresh kale and the tomato salads balanced the heavier roots and legumes beautifully.

While we didn’t think we would have room for dessert, since the meal was all vegetables, it “settled” well and quickly, so we could enjoy the Ethiopian Baklava and the refreshingly cool bike ride home.

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