According to Greenpointer Lauren Schneider, her young 1 year old pomeranian dog named Arlo was viciously attacked on Wednesday June 5, 2013 by a very large short haired white dog with a long snout that isn’t a pit bull mix. The attack occurred on Manhattan Ave between Freeman St and Green St in Greenpoint. The attack dog owners, white females in mid-upper 20s, left without giving Lauren any information. Arlo died on the way to the vet’s office. If anyone witnessed the attack or has any information about the attack dog or its owners – please contact Lauren at 631-835-0789 or Lauren’s sister brooke.ashley.s (at)

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  1. Lauren – I’m so sorry for your loss. I too have a Pom and he’s the love of my life. You should post this warning in the Mark Bar and Oak & Iron so that patrons can be on the lookout. I wish you luck in finding these irresponsible dog owners. This dog may attack a small child next.

  2. It’s a bit confusing that the text in the image says that the attacking dog was “medium sized” while the text underneath it says it was “very large.” I guess the size of a dog is somewhat subjective, but clarifying that would be helpful.

    1. i agree. i was getting info from many sources. i do think that it was clarified that it was large. but i do also think that’s subjective. it’s also been described as a shepherd mix if that helps.

  3. Hello, to confirm, the dog was Large and the attack happened around 10:20pm on Wednesday June 5th.

    Here are some tips I’ve received from fellow Greenpointers regarding the owner of the other dog.

    -A person who lives on the same street as me sent me an email that they have “seen a large white shepherd type dog being walked by a tall white guy with dark hair practically every day for the past year. I don’t know where he lives but this street (Eagle St) seems to be on his regular route, and I usually see him between 3 and 5pm.”

    -A witness who came to my aid at the scene and took the shirt off of his back to wrap around my Arlo works at NAPA Auto Parts, right where the attack happened. He sent an email saying they do have a camera pointing to the street. We will be checking the footage Monday morning.

    -A witness who was a block behind us when the attack happened saw the thin white male with short hair walking the white dog turn down Freeman St. in the direction of Mcguinness. When he caught up to Freeman and looked down the street he did not see the man or the dog, leading us to believe he may live on Freeman St between Manhattan Ave and Mcguinness.

    -A fellow Greenpointer who was warning people who had dogs without leashes about the incident was told that someone from Brooklyn Label’s dog was attacked by a dog of the same description.

    There is no way this guy has not seen the flyers in the neighborhood or any of the social media. I believe he is probably in hiding but he cannot hide forever. I will not rest until he is found so this does not happen to any other dog and their owner. Thank you to everyone who is sharing information, sending kind words, and banding together for my baby. It means everything to me right now.

    1. Hey, Lauren,

      While I absolutely 100% agree, this man should have been, well, man enough to stand by and at least try to help and discuss helping you, I hope you don’t mind someone chiming in with a different point of view.

      What happened is terrible and truly sad, but I wanted to chime in with a few points I think are REALLY important for all dog owners to understand. My timing is admittedly poor on this, but people, including you, are here discussing this issue, and what I say below could save the lives of other dogs….

      – Any time you bring two strange dogs together on leash, owners should ask one another if the other dog is friendly. If the answer from either is not a confident “Yes!,” move on. (For instance, if someone says, “Usually,” I don’t bring my dog to meet that dog.)

      – Know your dog. If your dog is defensive, anxious, or prone to barking on leash, don’t introduce him/her to other dogs on leash. At most, the owner should FIRST meet approaching dogs, letting that dog sniff your hand and then you can pet it. That action will show your dog everything is AOK.

      – I don’t know if Arlo was neutered or not, but dogs reach full testosterone levels at only 5-6 mos. Dogs do NOT see size, so if he was not fixed, it’s very possible that the big dog smelled the testosterone.

      – On the other hand: It’s possible the OTHER dog was not neutered. In which case, if Arlo was himself fixed, he may have reacted negatively to the opposing dog’s scent and postured in a way that made the big dog angry. (Dogs speak through body language, and it’s often very subtle.)

      – What I did see on the video on the news is the big dog yank its owner toward your poor Arlo. Anytime someone sees a dog that is in control and owner that’s not, avoid them! A dog that’s in charge is often dangerous on leash — no matter the size.

      With all of this said, I hope you find this person and that he takes responsibility for what has happened. I am terribly sorry for your loss. I wish you the best.

      – A Trainer

  4. This is horrible! So sorry for your loss! I’m the owner of Adelina’s. We’re a little further south than where the incident took place but will keep our eyes peeled for any dogs matching that description. I would be crushed if that had happened to my dog.

  5. update: napa auto reviewed footage of attack and the owner was NOT two white females, but was a man. overweight and balding.

  6. This is not acceptable. Owners should be responsible for their dogs. They should know their dogs’ behavior and act accordingly. I’m so sorry for your loss Lauren.

    The article is a little bit confusing. The photo says “medium-sized” and the article says “very large.” The article says the dog owners were “white females in mid-upper 20s” then a follow-up comment says “man. overweight and balding.” I guess my question is approximately how tall and long the dog is (qualitative size description is very subjective) and who was with the dog when the attack happened. More info would be very helpful for other dog owners. Thanks.

    1. It’s not so clear cut. Both owners could be at fault here. See my above post. I feel terrible for this woman, but from what I see on the CBS video, there are many possibilities of what went wrong here.

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