Williamsburg Walks begins this weekend, when my dream comes true – an actual NYC street becomes a walking mall for pedestrians with lots of fun and engaging activities that don’t involve dodging buses or flicking off car service lunatics. I have said this before and I will say it again – let’s do this permanently on McGuinness Blvd!

The idea behind this series of car-free Saturday afternoons on Bedford Avenue is for people to use the closure in order to rethink their public space and to celebrate the neighborhood. The event is organized by NAG in conjunction with the NYC DOT as part of their Weekend Walks program.

Williamsburg Walks 2013 will happen on Saturdays – June 8th, June 15th & June 22nd – RAIN OR SHINE!

Bedford Ave will be closed from Metropolitan Ave to N12th. The street closure will run from 1pm to 930pm. Williamsburg Walks programming will run from 3-8pm.


NAG will give away the sod after the events. Volunteers who help roll it out from 12-3pm get first dibs, claiming the amount they will take, and returning at 8pm to haul it away. At 9pm, if there is any sod left, it is full on up for grabs

Email  Ryan Kuonen, over at ryan at nag-brooklyn.org,  to sign up.

Walking rules!

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