Good morning! I’d like to share some personal news with you.


Not Greenpointers… I resigned from my full time job at Polo. It has always been my dream to be able to work on this website full time and to work on my personal photography.

After 6 years of shooting millions of pieces of clothing, I began to feel like I needed to do something more worthwhile. And while we have done some amazing things here in the last two years, I know that with more time – we can do so much more!

I want to finally focus on one project, rather than have a whole bunch on the backburner. Greenpoint – you are it! July 1st – I am all yours!


I am so excited to really take the website to the next level and have lots of exciting plans in store. I’d also love your feedback. What do you want from the website? Let me know in the comments! And wish me luck!

Thank you for supporting the website! I take my work here very seriously. It isn’t just a blog – it’s the BEST blog, because we have the BEST readers and the BEST local supporters and let’s face it GREENPOINT IS THE BEST NEIGHBORHOOD!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. “feel like I needed to do something more worthwhile.”
    Words spoken by people who are removed from reality. Sorry, but photography and blogging cannot be called worthwhile. They are hobbies.

        1. It’s all everyone asks since I moved. But I know many Greenpoint businesses owners who work here and live somewhere else and are huge parts of the community. Trust me it was a tough decision and ironically, moving to Ridgewood is what afforded me to quit my job and be able to do this full time. With the rent I was paying in Greenpoint, it would not have been possible. And now I own, which is something I always wanted and again would not been able to afford in Greenpoint. Now that I don’t have to go to Midtown everyday I will be in Greenpoint a whole lot more, too. All my friends are here and all my favorite places to eat and hang out. When I can move back, I will! That’s if I don’t move out to the country or something!

  2. thanks to everyone for sending over the positive and encouraging vibes. this website has been a blessing and is THE MOST WORTHWHILE project i have ever done!

  3. Sounds great! Perhaps you’d like to blog about how you pulled it off financially? Most of the people I know who “follow their bliss” are doing so with Dad’s credit card in their back pocket. Would love to hear real life tips for real life grown ups (assuming you are one!).

    1. I certainly will! Definitely don’t have access to Daddy’s credit and I am a grown up. I had to plan, save, MOVE to a MUCH CHEAPER place and work two full time jobs (second one being the website) until it made just enough to barely get me by. That being said, I haven’t proven it out yet! I also plan to freelance with photography to supplement. But I will go into MORE detail with a post. Thanks!

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