After our Beverly’s Memories post last week, Beverly wrote us more about her memories of 38 Clay St, which also gave me a chance to share this additional photo that I love. In the photo is Karen “None of You Business” who now lives there:

“I know many people will remember my cousins The Pogozelskis and they will also remember how my Grandma as tiny and petite she was with her very few words of English, fought off the BIG SHOT EXECUTIVES of Harte and Company and refused to sell her house.  If Grandma had sold, they were going to buy up all of Clay Street for their factory.  Instead, Grandma forced them to go the other way and buy up the houses on Dupont Street so they could expand the plastics plant.  Grandma was small, but she was feisty.  She was left to raise 4 babies when Grandpa died from sun stroke playing baseball.  Grandma wanted to “own” a piece of America, so she worked at night cleaning office buildings in Manhattan to save money and buy that house on her own.  A Polish Immigrant who spoke very little english who worked hard and owned the American Dream and as a woman to boot !  Back then in the 30’s and 40’s women did not own property on their own, but my Grandma did !  That has to say something for my DNA.

People would also recognize my Mom.  In the 50’s she was The School Crossing Guard at the corners of Eagle and Franklin Street.  After that she worked for a short while as a Meter Maid.  Then she went and became Dr. Jacob I. Wessler’s Nurse at 999 Lorimer Street (behind Meserole Theater) bewteen Meserole and Norman Avenues.  In the meantime, dispersed in between all of this she was the Social Editor of The Gazette with the column Irenes Item’s, and also held the position of President of The 94 PCT Community Council for many many years.  To say Mom was Civic Minded would truly describe her.  She cared for Greenpoint and it’s Residents like it was the only place on earth.  Had I stayed in Greenpoint, I would have had very large shoes to fill continuing her work.  It might not sound like a big deal now, but back then she was even recognized for all her Community Action work in Greenpoint by then Mayor John V. Linsday at a banquet in Manhattan where she was presented with a Plaque and Award.”

Please share your (Not)Forgotten Greenpoint Story with us.

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