Wash away winter with martini’s and oysters this Sunday April, 7th from 7-9pm, with Brooklyn Label (180 Franklin St).

$3o gets you a flight of 3 cocktails and 9 oysters!  Secure your reservation by purchasing your ticket in advance and receive a voucher for a free cocktail or appetizer on your next visit. Buy Tickets here

Gin for the cocktails will be provided from Greenpoint’s own Greenhook Ginsmith and tasty crustaceans from Widow’s Hole Oysters Co.

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Sponsored Post Courtesy of Brooklyn Label.


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  1. Oysters are bivalves, having hinged double shells. (So are clams and mussels.) The Crustacean class which includes crabs, lobsters, shrimp and crawfish, are characterized by hard exoskeletons, gills and segmented bodies. They are, however, all delicious!

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