Meg at Dandelion Wine (153 Franklin St) put together a Super Bowl Wine Guide:

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the booziest, most gluttonous American holidays. And we know the first instinct may be to reach for an ice cold brew, but I highly recommend considering wine! It’s less filling, so you can drink more of it! And we’ve got something for every minute of the game. Dandelion Wine delivers from 5-9 pm, so you won’t have to miss a single touchdown!

If you’re indulging in pizza, wings, and nachos, you’ll need some wine with a bit of acidity to balance out all that cheese and fat. With spicier foods, my go-to red is the Buchegger Zweigelt, a fresh, peppery Austrian red with a screw cap for easy access. The liter bottle of dry and zesty Gruner Veltliner from Mayr, from Austria, is a no-brainer for a party white. For something a little different, I recommend a lightly sparkling Italian red like the fruity Gragnano (made popular by our friend Paulie Gee) or the drier, earthier Lini “Labrusca” Lambrusco.

Buchegger Zweigelt 2010, $15
Mayr Gruner Veltliner 2011, $14
Federiciane Monteleone Gragnano, $18
Lini Labrusca Rosso, $18

“What type of wine pairs with the greatest superstar in the universe?” That’s a question I’ve probably spent an excessive amount of time thinking about. And for me, a hesitant football fan from every city but the ones competing, she’s really what this Sunday is all about. Beyond being incredibly entertaining, half-time is a good time for you to cleanse your palate and take a dance break, and for that I suggest pink bubbles, like my good friend “Frankie Mo” (Francois Montand), a dry, pink, unserious sparkling blend of the serious grapes Grenache Noire and Cinsault from Gascogne in France, or the fuller-bodied, slightly fruitier staff favorite Le Colture Prosecco. Or, for the beer lover, try an all-natural, fruity, sour candied, and yeasty pink bubbly like the sparkling Monastrell from Spanish producer Vina Enebro.


Francois Montand Brut Rose, $13
Le Colture Prosecco Rose, $18
Vina Enebro Monastrell, $23

Perhaps the drawn out final quarter of the game will have you on the edge of your seat, or maybe the winner will already be clear. Either way, you’re probably full and a let’s be honest, a little drunk at this point. Responsibly unwind with something a little bit lower in alcohol, like one of our Spanish Ciders. Totally thirst quenching and fried-food friendly, our hard apple ciders from each hover right around 6% and are a great alternative to beer and wine. Or choose the tiny little bubbles in the Tintero Gavignano, a fun, dry, prickly white from Piedmont to refresh your palate and maintain your buzz without ruining your Monday back at work.

Isastegi Cider, Basque, $13
Val d’Ornon Cider, Asturias, $10
Tintero Gavignano, $14

Champagne baby, because you, and your team, are totally worth it. I’m all about the bubbles from the exceptional Champagne producer Marie-Noelle Ledru. We have her Brut, Rose, and a Vintage from 2002. They’re all delicious, classic expressions of one of the best wines in the world and the very best way to celebrate such a momentous occasion!

Marie-Noelle Ledru Brut, $61
Marie-Noelle Ledru Rose, $74
Marie Noelle Ledru 2002, $91

Your team lost, and you are sad. Sorry! At this point, you just need to get more intoxicated to forget it all happened and go to sleep. For this, I recommend a bold, full-bodied, high-alcohol red like the Quatros Primos from Argentina. Amazing with any left-over meat dishes, and boasting both enough character and alcohol to distract you from your worst nightmare! Or knock back some comforting Tawny Port- it will help to soothe your broken heart.

Famillia Mayol Cuatro Primos, $26
Infantado Tawny Port, $18

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  1. What no Nero D’Avola, no Sicilian wines from the land where the sun kisses the grapes and instills in them that special quality of warmth, flawor, freshness, and plain Sicilianity? As the man said if it aint Sicilian it don’t mean a thing.

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