We were so excited when Phin & Phebes said they’d donate ice cream for our boozy milkshakes at this weekend’s Sunday Supper #2 at Luncheonette!

What was even more fun was testing the milkshakes at chef Tony’s house last night. And when I say testing, I mean gulping down delicious ice cream shakes spiked with all sorts of booze. Good thing Tony lives on the same block as us…

We had four flavors to test: Banana Whama, Vietnamese Ice Coffee, Vanilla Snap & Ginger Cookie Snap.

Phin & Phebes ice cream is “14% butterfat, super premium ice cream packed with creamy, all-natural New York state dairy otherwise known as “SUPER MILK.” We tried them all and can attest to their deliciousness. 

The Banana Whama really was the crowd favorite, with a stand-out banana flavor. Mixed with Makers, it was mind boggling!


While the Vietnamese Coffee was nice and espresso flavored, we all didn’t get the the Vietnamese flavor, which I guess really is just sweetness from condensed milk. We mixed it with kahlua and Maker’s Mark bourbon and needless to say downed all the samples.

Vanilla Snap was nice and spicy and had a holiday feel, which we are trying to get away from given that Christmas is over – thank God! It was delicious mixed with Vanilla Flavored Vodka, Kahlua and caramel sauce. You pretty much can’t go wrong there.

Last was Ginger Cookie Snap – oh Ginger Cookie Snap – where have you been all my life? That flavor was the most distinct, it tasted like ginger, but also had an exotic edge to it and nice fresh ginger texture bits that were interesting. That being said, it was subtle and after filling up on BBQ sliders, we needed something that would really stand out. We first mixed it with tequila, which was a great flavor combo. Then we added lime and cayenne, which was like a spicy margarita milkshake. Nice.

The winner in our Phin & Phebes Mikshake challenge was Banana Whama with Maker’s Mark Bourbon.

Seymour (Frenchie cutie above) agreed!

See you Sunday and stay tuned for future Sunday Suppers!

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