I knew I chose the right place for Greenpointers’ space when I met fellow resident Mary Jeys, who told me about her Brooklyn Torch Project, which is “a local currency project aimed at providing a paper means of exchange in North Brooklyn that will circulate and support the resident community in North Brooklyn.” It’s a totally legal way to trade goods and services right here in Greenpoint, “while improving the community wealth.”

I don’t know about you, but on a daily basis I really find no need to leave Brooklyn, or Greenpoint for that matter. I can find everything I need as far as food, goods and services right here. So a regional currency makes a lot of sense.

Want to learn more?

Brooklyn Torch invites you to come by and try out using a local currency, this Saturday February 2, 2013 from 2-6pm, at Dobbin Project Space (50-52 Dobbin St)

How it works: 


• You: bring an item to sell at our appraisal table.
• We: appraise it and buy the item from you in Brooklyn Torches.
• You: buy any items from our store (including goods that other people have previously sold).
• We: Sell them to you in Brooklyn Torches, keeping a record of all transactions.

More info: www.brooklyntorch.org

See you there!

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