Until I wrote yesterday’s post on Best Bars To Watch The Super Bowl in Greenpoint, I honestly had no idea what teams are in the Superbowl and more pathetically who is performing at the halftime show.

It’s not because I am too cool for the Super Bowl – it’s that if it doesn’t happen in Greenpoint then it’s not on my radar. I’m a neighborhood agoraphobe.

While Puppy Bowl and hedgehog cheerleaders are very intriguing, unless I’m going to a house party to focus on the guacamole and nachos, I don’t really give a shit.

While working on the antithesis to this post, I did just read they are calling it the “Bro Bowl,” because the coaches of the  opposing teams are brothers and are battling “head to head.” This makes me even more happy I unknowingly scheduled Sunday Supper #2 that day and there is no TV at the Luncheonette.

Ladies, these are great places to meet men who will be free Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings from early Fall through the Winter.


The Best Bars to NOT to Watch the Super Bowl in Greenpoint:

Noname Bar (597 Manhattan Ave)
Because Drunk Man Noodle is tastier than annoying drunk men. (Note: the kitchen is temporarily closed while they expand the eating area downstairs – so no food for you for a week and a half more! But I needed to make that joke and that bar rules.)

Manhattan Inn (632 Manhattan Ave)
A damn good cocktail and live piano sound better than cheap beer and Beyonce. Forever.

Adelina’s (159 Greenpoint Ave)
Want to play with balls? How about rice balls smothered in red sauce?

Milk n’ Roses (1110 Manhattan Ave)
Nothing is more anti-american than pasta and wine on Superbowl Sunday. What is American is that it’s board game night! Bring in your own board game, plus Happy Hour all night (5pm until close!)

Oak & Iron (147 Franklin St)
Enjoy a great whisky cocktail with no TV in sight.

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  1. Alternate titles for this article-
    *Most Annoying Hipster Bars in Greenpoint
    *Arrogant Exports: Billy-burgh’s Northern Migration!
    *How to Hide From My Polish Neighbors

    Regarding the list – it is missing St. Vitus, and should not feature Milk and Roses (which is a great restaurant, not a bar). Sorry if this comes off ass too harsh, but I’m really fed up with these esoteric venues. Just walk up to Williamsburg! Dispite the salesmanship in this article, the places mentioned are NOT good representations of the GP community!

    1. Cry me a river. Sorry if this sounds harsh but your comment is annoying. And rude. If u saw our post about where to go to watch the Super Bowl it featured palace, blvd tavern, red star and turkey’s nest. Are those non-hipster enough for you? Want polish? Check out our round-up of polish restaurants.

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