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According to DNAinfo, the $930,000 project to fix what is called “Hipster Lake” in McCarren Park will be completed by the summer. The plan is to “rebuild paths and add drains throughout the center of the park, including the area of the flood zone.”

Nature might have different plans, since the area was part of Bushwick Creek until the city filled the land, and some speculate that water may still run beneath the park, making the fix a bandaid on top of a bigger problem.

Why not restore part of it into a pond for birds and other wildlife to enjoy?

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    1. birds eat mosquitoes, so if we provide more natural places for birds to chill – there will be more oppty to eat mosquitoes! bats are also the biggest mosquito eater – we should install bat houses in mccarren park, too! people have TOO much space in the city. wildlife needs more room.

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