Yoga leads to a longer, happier life. There’s just one catch…you have to actually do it.

goodyoga will see to that. Like your friends and neighbors, you’ll look forward to coming to goodyoga everyday. goodyoga is therapeutic and fun. Our Everyone level classes address the needs of beginners and experienced practitioners alike, so that all students feel both challengedand rewarded.

In addition to our monthly memberships and prepaid classes, we’ve got some great treats to encourage your loved ones to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions.


Oh! For Greenpointers readers only: Give goodyoga to get goodyoga. Give $150 worth of goodyoga this season, and you’ll get the month of January FREE!  Give a goodintro to 10 of your friends, and you’ll get January’s yoga for free!

$15 goodintro: Unlimited 1st Week

Perfect for any student who has never been to goodyoga before. Starts the day of their first class. Must be used within 3 months of purchase. We’ll even throw in a goodyoga t-shirt so you’ve got more than an envelope to put under the tree.

goodcleanse: 7 Days Can Change Your Life
$150 / $250 with goodyear weekend
$100 3 Day Juice Supply Optional
includes 7 days of unlimited goodyoga

Because we know how much Greenpointers love their microbrews and charcuterie, we’ve developed the perfect withdrawal week. The 7 day goodcleanse is a practical, accessible way to kickstart a lifestyle change, even if you’re just trying to cut back on sugar or caffeine. We’ll even have your juice ready to pick up at the studio if you’d like!

goodyear weekend: Resolve to Evolve
$150 / $250 with goodcleanse
includes 7 days of unlimited goodyoga

Begin 2013 with an OM. Spend the first weekend of the year immersed in the philosophy and practice of yoga. Each of the 8 Limbs of Yoga and the 7 chakras will be thoroughly introduced over the course of two days and 8 hours of discussion and practical techniques.

Available at our studios is a singular selection of vintage malas sourced by our founders from sacred Hindu Temples & rare incenses carried on their backs all over Asia. After all, incenseis the most traditional Christmas gift there is…

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