Today, as we enjoy turkey, we might get attacks of indigestion and heartburn, but a few years ago I was actually attacked by a wild turkey, so Thanksgiving is always a day of sweet revenge, which is actually a positive emotion if you’re Sicilian.

While pretending to be a wildlife photographer in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, off in the marshy swamp next to my parents’ A-frame house, I spotted a wild turkey and her chicks. As I neared to get closer for a photo, they scurried away, but one little baby remained, caught in the brush by my feet.

When nasty Mama saw how close I was to her child, that crazy bitch ran faster than lightning at me. Do you ever wonder what you would do if fight or flight kicks in? Well I ran like a big wimp. Before I could turn half around, she had reached me and jumped on me and clawed at my back, knocking me and my camera onto the pavement!

As I got up, she reared up for another run at me but a car spooked her and I was able to make it to my house. I survived but my camera was not so lucky.

Don’t mess with big birds and Happy Thanksgiving!


(Image found at The Allen Family Bermuda Triangle)

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