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Disclaimer: I grew up in Queens on my Nonna’s red sauce, so I am no judge of barbecue. That being said, I was honored to be invited to the Family & Friends Dinner at BrisketTown (359 Bedford Ave) in Williamsburg last night for a preview and I loved every minute of it.

Finally I would try Daniel Delaney’s cooking after many failings on my part to attend his awesome foodie parties. In June, I bailed on a hot dog movie night because I got caught with some illness (that hurt), then I missed his Rooftop Craw Fish Boil because we just needed to get out of town during one of those nasty heat waves. I signed up for a BrisketLab at Little Field and realized at 11pm that night that I forgot, and the worst offense – we made it into his apartment for his Fourth of July party with a 12 pack and a Banana Cream Pie, saw a crowd of people, had an anti-social “we can’t talk to anyone” moment, brought the beer and pie home and ate it all like two fat weirdos while listening to firecrackers on Sutton St.

What a friend I am! (Sounds like something a rotten family member would do.)

When I arrived at the door, flying solo with a bottle of whisky for Daniel and a bottle of wine for me (it’s BYOB), Daniel walked out, looking cool as a cucumber with his white apron on and a confident smile. He got this.

He read my message on the whiskey bottle back to me, “You did it. Now feed me!”


I’d been waiting to try this brisket. I’d heard great things.

“Jon has the flu, so it’s just me,” I said (Jon is sick as a dog, no lie.)

“Yeah right, he is probably at Fette Sau,” Daniel said.

I walked into a gorgeous space designed by Evan and Oliver, the brothers behind Paulie Gee’s, Donna & Manhattan Inn. On the right an old time band welcomed me in. On the left friendly bartenders served beer from a beautiful wooden bar that led me naturally to the line for the brisket, which Daniel will give you a taste of as he weighs out your portion in front of a Delaney BBQ neon sign. It was melty meat. He was owning it.

“Some fatty brisket, too?” he asked.
“Hell yeah!”

Onto the sides station. The lovely server piled raw white onions, sweet pickles and some of the best red cabbage slaw I’ve had, with not too much mayo, cranberries and some basil onto my tray with a slice of white bread.

The slaw was delicious and intriguing, but I was there for the brisket. I grabbed a seat at one of the casual tables and dug in with my plastic knife and fork.

Jon told me (he’s from Florida) the brisket should be juicy and flavorful. Check and check. The outside was perfectly crispy and caramelized and it was really happy with extra hot sauce. And the ribs – the ribs were perfect, transcendental ribs, meat falling off the bone, sweet and tons of smokey flavor. I can’t wait to go back with my man!

Get there, get some brisket!

BrisketTown Opens Today Friday November 16, 2012 at 6pm.

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