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Subway recovery MAP (as of November 3)

  • G Train
    Completely suspended. No surprise, it’s the G!
  • L Train
    Partial service is in operation between Broadway Junction and Rockaway Parkway. No word when local stops or service to Manhattan will be open.
  • E Train
    Service to and from Manhattan via Court Square is suspended.
  • 7 train
    Limited 7 train service has resumed in both directions from the Times Square-42 Street Station to the Flushing-Main Street Station.

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Subways to Manhattan via Queens

  • Queens Plaza F/M trains are operating into Manhattan to 63rd/Lex.*
  • Queensboro Plaza N trains are running as far as Times Square.*
  • Vernon Blvd 7 train to Manhattan is now running.*

*You can take the B62 bus from Manhattan Ave to the F/M at Queens Plaza and N/R to Queensboro Plaza. Why does everyplace in Queens have to have the same name?

*You can also take  B62 or walk over the Pulaski Bridge to the 7 at Vernon Blvd.

Brooklyn Bus MAP 

The B62 and B43 are both running North/South from Manhattan Ave.

East River Ferry stops in Greenpoint and South Williamsburg will remain closed until further notice, as damage continues to be assessed.

Ferries from North Williamsburg (at North 6th Street) will start at 7AM, and the last ferries will leave Manhattan from E 34th Street and Wall Street/Pier 11 at 6PM. The ferries will arrive at each stop in 15-minute intervals.

More detailed info from NY Waterway’s Advisory Details.

The harbors are open and a new supply of gas is coming in. Supposedly HESS is the best. You can search for gas stations in the area here.

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