It’s terrible to lose a pet, but during hurricanes it’s even worse.

Greenpointers is dedicated to helping lost pets find their homes, so send us any photos and all information to greenpointers (at)

The fire on Norman and Jewel left one Calico cat named Clementine missing. If you find her, don’t try to catch her. Please call: 315-415- 7336.

I also received this email from Chris:


I’m sending you a picture of Herman the German 2. He’s currently riding out Frankenstorm in my kitchen. We found him last night wandering around outside of Shayz. Need to get this guy a home….he’s pretty tame and seems to be a good guy. Might be a pet in the neighborhood, since his beak is trimmed and what not. FrankenRooster!

Email: photos (at) to claim or adopt him.

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  1. He is from the slaughterhouse for sure, his beak is clipped. He spent all day yesterday in our yard on oak st hunkered down but resisted our efforts to get him somewhere safer. He also eluded a friendly cop who stopped to help too. Go Herman! ( or sandy, as we called him yesterday )

  2. Hi Jen, just came across your posting. I’m actually Clementine’s owner. I haven’t found her, but thanks so much for posting my flyer. I could always email you a clearer (cuter!) pic, if you have occasion to post another item.–I feel like she’s still in Gpoint! Either way, thanks again for the post.

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