I Found This Cat… Sam The Cat

Sam the Cat was taken in after living on the streets for more than a year. It was right before last week’s snowstorm when we found her and she was cold and very hungry, but she was really starving for affection. She was likely abandoned and isn’t into the street cat life. She loves cuddles, soft blankets and warmth. LOOK AT THAT FACE!

We brought her to the vet and she was healthy, FELV/FIV negative and likely already spayed. Her age is unknown – she isn’t a kitten and not geriatric. She has been treated for fleas and though she tested negative for parasites, we are treating her – just in case.

She is good with dogs and other cats and loves people.

If you can find room in your home and heart for this sweet creature please consider it. Or if you know someone who needs a loving and mellow companion, please share this. She will make a great pet.

No adoption fee. All vet bills have been paid.

Interested? Email me greenpointers at or call or text 718-791-7607.

Thanks in advance for any help with getting Sam The Cat into her “FUREVER HOME.”

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Dog Found: “Chico” – Black Pit in Williamsburg – For Adoption

An animal loving Greenpointer found Chico, this adorable Black and White Pit Bull in Williamsburg, near Graham and Withers on Tuesday 12/18. Chico is an intact male, about 60 pounds, is very friendly with people and wants belly rubs constantly.

If you have any information about the owner or are interested in fostering or adopting Chico, please call (917) 609-0624.

The kind woman who found him is boarding him for 2 weeks until the owner is found, has had him vaccinated and will be neutering him soon. She has spent over $400 on his care so consider donating anything for Chico’s care.

She noticed the signs she put up have all been removed so Chico has likely been abandoned.

For updates, like Chico’s Facebook page and to make contributions for his care, chip in here.

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Missing Cat & Frankenrooster Found (not kidding!)

It’s terrible to lose a pet, but during hurricanes it’s even worse.

Greenpointers is dedicated to helping lost pets find their homes, so send us any photos and all information to greenpointers (at)

The fire on Norman and Jewel left one Calico cat named Clementine missing. If you find her, don’t try to catch her. Please call: 315-415- 7336.

I also received this email from Chris:

I’m sending you a picture of Herman the German 2. He’s currently riding out Frankenstorm in my kitchen. We found him last night wandering around outside of Shayz. Need to get this guy a home….he’s pretty tame and seems to be a good guy. Might be a pet in the neighborhood, since his beak is trimmed and what not. FrankenRooster!

Email: photos (at) to claim or adopt him.

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Cats are such freeloaders. This design forward cat ran into a Greenpointer’s apartment during an Ikea furniture delivery. Coming to a party without an invitation may be the way they do it in Sweden, Kitty, but not here in Greenpoint. At least he is not homicidal. He has “some manners and hasn’t tried to kill [her] other cats,” so she thinks he is lost. He is male, neutered, less than a year and “on the skinny side.” Her apartment is located near Java St. and Franklin St.

If this is your cat, you know this cat, or you might be interested in adopting him if the owner is not found, please contact: kateaspell (AT)


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lost cat greenpoint brooklyn


Sheldon is lost. He was last seen on Java St and has a heart condition. If you find him or have any information about him please contact Steve at 917-656-7411.

With all these lost pets is everyone getting their pets ID collars and microchips? Even if they are indoor cats, they can get out! And make sure to snap a great detailed photo, in case they do run away, you can plaster the neighborhood in posters!

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These scrappy little kittens need homes ASAP! THey were trapped with mom for a TNP (trap-neuter-release). The kittens have conjunctivitis, fleas, and ringworm (all treatable). Unfortunately caretaker can not take them into her home because she has several of her own cats and these conditions are contagious. The hospital cannot hold onto them because of ringworm, but is willing to provide treatment for them. These kittens originally came from Pinkys colony and will be released back by Sunday. Please contact Park Slope Veterinary Center at 718-369-7387 if someone can foster, or please forward email to others. Note: tuxedos are the best and most cuddliest cats…

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