Last Saturday, I joined the Instagram’s meet-up /walking tour of Greenpoint as a means to enjoy the last of the weekends of summer weather and to re-familiarize myself with developments along the waterfront. I’m fairly new to Instagram but not to photographing Greenpoint so I thought it would be a fun challenge to strictly take the best shots I could using the app on the old ‘hood.

The group met at the corner of Manhattan Ave. & Greenpoint before heading to the waterfront at the end of the street. It had been a while since I’d walked to the end of Greenpoint Ave. and was surprised to see that Transmitter Park had finally opened, granting the community some open access along the waterfront area up to the pier at India Street. Some of the area was still under construction as the path connecting the two areas was blocked off, but that didn’t stop some of the hungrier Instagrammers to journey over fences and under bridges to get their money shots’ worth.

From there, many of us meandered south along West Street. I informed them of the Greenpoint Terminal Market fire that took place there in ’06, which there is little to no trace of today. It was the first any of them had heard of it.

As the day was wrapping up, the crew headed to Spritzenhaus for some beers to cool off before calling it a day. I was surprised to learn after talking with more of the individuals one-on-one that I was the sole Greenpoint resident in the entire group! But everyone appeared to enjoy themselves, and the photos from the group pool on Instagram was certainly proof to that.


To check out pics from the group pool on the app, search for #instawalknyc #greenpoint #greenpoint_walk.

And make sure to follow @greenpointers.

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