Of all places, The Place Bar & Lounge (269 Norman Ave) on “this side” of McGuinness, aside from being in the middle of nowhere and offering brick oven pizza, is also an outdoor rooftop music venue. All summer long, on certain evenings clearly live and very loud music was coming from somewhere and all my neighbors on Kingsland Ave were stumped until we followed the sounds down the block and realized they were coming from the bar on the corner, a bar I’ve never ventured into.

Even though the bar is surrounded by mostly commercial buildings and lots, I can hear the concerts from my kitchen window half a block away, but I don’t mind, it’s usually pretty good. Apparently this was brought up at last week’s CB1 meeting, contributor Stephanie told me (more to come from her on that.) Surprise, suprise, CB1 has a problem.  If I lived next store, I might be singing a different tune, though.

Last Sunday Jon and I rolled up there and checked it out. For $8 we saw a pretty decent Pop Punk band sing their hearts out for a decent sized crowd on a gorgeous late summer evening with views of the Kosciusko Bridge. Not too shabby. On Tumblr I came across this poster, so if you want to see what it’s all about tomorrow, Thursday September 20, 2012 at 8pm Scammers, Denver Highes and Idaho Joe Winslow will perform.

Have you heard music coming from The Place? Have you attended a show there?


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  1. My boyfriend and I walked past last Sunday afternoon and it sounded more like violent death metal than “Pop Punk.” The blood curdling shrieks triggered a flashback-like Dethklok montage in my mind….different.

      1. [T]he Board of Standards and Appeals was established as an independent board to grant “relief” from the zoning code.

        I.E., if a building is zoned one thing but the owner wants to convert it. The owner of 252 Norman was granted a waiver to make the second, third, and fourth floors of the building residences in a “manufacturing” building. The waiver expired in 2005, and he’s asking for an extension — six years after the fact. Search for “252 Norman” here.

  2. On Sunday, I also heard really loud music coming from somewhere, which I think? might be this bar.

    It sounded like a terrible hardcore band, not really the sort of music that I wanna hear in my bedroom coming from 2.5 blocks away.

    It was really annoying.

    Does this place have a permit for such loud music?

    1. I’m not sure. It is definitely not trying to hide that it has the music, since everyone can hear it. It is also in a mainly industrial zone so maybe that is how they get away with it.

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