Saturday was the perfect day to engorge ourselves on hot dogs and drink Kelso beer knowing that ALL proceeds are donated to Food Bank for NYC. We tried our best to sample each and every dog. We even had a method to our madness, but after a valiant effort we sampled approximately 70% of the dogs. While there was an audience vote and judges’ favorite, we had our own winners in mind.

Greenpointers’ Picks: (not in any particular order of obsession)

1. General Tso’s Dog – David Roderick & Emily Lawson
“A breaded deep-fried hot dog covered in General Tso’s spicy sweet sauce, on a bed of broccoli and sprouts with chow mein noodles on top.”

It was everything we wanted in a hot dog and Chinese food.

2. Slaw Dog – Petrit Husenaj & Mike Kaufman
“A dirty dog with sweet and crunchy slaw.”

Simple, creamy, dill. Love.

3. The Detox Dog – Eric Childs & Alexei Taylor (3rd Place Best in Show/Judges Favorite)
“Ripe sweet melon, spicy Ginger, and probiotic Kombucha slaw in a mineral-rich Nori wrap. Energize your day the natural way!”

It was hot dog sushi! Amazing.

Congrats to Greenpointer Laena McCarthy (Anarchy in a Jar) for winning 2nd Place Best in Show/Judges’ Favorite. We didn’t get a chance to try her dog, which involved duck, beer and jelly.

Yay for The Meat Hook, who won Super Weenie in the Pro Row!

We we happy to run into our friends Mike & Charlie (The Brooklynauts) who came on the Greenpointers’ Espresso Tour, competing with their Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing, which can be described as a hamburger on a hot dog bun.

Great Hot Dog Cook-Off

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