Here are some looks we put together from local shops so you look HOT at McCarren Park Pool, which opens Thursday, June 28, 2012. Remember, they won’t let you in unless you have a bathing suit and a lock. Pick up a lock at Jam’s Stationary (835 Manhattan Ave.) or Crest Hardware (558 Metropolitan Ave.)

Need a beach towel? Old Hollywood carries an assortment of Pendleton Super-Sized Beach Towels ($48) inspired by Native American designs.

Not into buying new? (I hear you!) Want to save some money? (Yes, please.) There are many great recycled fashion shops in the neighborhood where you can save and shop greener, like Buffalo Exchange (504 Driggs Ave.) and Fox and Fawn (570 Manhattan Ave), among others. Also check out, a “neighborly” online place to buy, sell and trade.

Caribou Baby Rickshaw Hat $30

Are there little ones in your life? Outfit them at Caribou Baby (272 Driggs Ave.)


No matter what, pack the sunscreen! Here is a really interesting video on how to chose sunscreen that is good for you and the environment.

There are two types of sunscreen: chemical barriers which get absorbed into your skin and physical barriers which sit on top of your skin. Sunscreens containing zinc and titanium oxides, which physically protect, are healthier choices. I just picked up this fragrance free Alba Sunscreen that was on sale at The Garden (921 Manhattan Ave.) and love it.

Have a great summer and enjoy the FREE pool!

Want to support Open Space Alliance of North Brooklyn, which raises money to expand and improve our local parks, including McCarren Park Pool? Make a donation in any amount here, or come to The Big Splash, a fundraiser at the pool tomorrow night!

Fashion look ideas from:

Fanaberie (102A Nassau Ave), In God We Trust (70 Greenpoint Ave), Julia James Boutique (200 Franklin St), Dalaga (152 Franklin St), Word (126 Franklin St), Kill Devil Hill (170 Franklin St), Cato’s Army Navy (654 Manhattan Ave), & Alter (109 Franklin St)

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    1. these are ideas for creating “looks.” you can buys many of the same “looks” for less, if you are thrifty and budget-minded, at great vintage and second hand stores (which i gave options for). unfortunately these shops don’t have web stores so i couldn’t include images. and if people want to spend money, then let them spend money! no one is forcing you to hand over your wallet. and if people want to LOOK GOOD! then they can also do that, on a budget or for over $500.

    2. You have $500 left over from the money you would have spent monthly for gym membership but instead decided to join the McCarren Rec Center for ~$100 for the year.

  1. Sorry to be a party pooper, but unfortunately I read the other day that the NYC Parks & Rec folks actually have some stipulations for pool apparel that must be adhered to at all NYC pools. I recommend taking a look at the rules before heading over decked out in your new finery. Don’t worry, electronics aren’t allowed on the pool deck either, so nobody will be instagraming you in your plain white t-shirt and flip-flops.

    “Bathing suits must be worn on the deck and in the water. Men’s bathing suits must have mesh linings. Hats may be worn on the deck for sun protection but are not allowed in the water. Plain white T-shirts may be worn over bathing suits if desired. Sneakers are not permitted. Rubber flip flops or water shoes are permitted.”

    Full rules here:

    1. thanks party pooper! i read this BEFORE posting the looks. and this is very important information. no newspapers, but books and magazines are okay…
      why men’s bathing suits MUST have mesh linings is mysterious… any ideas?
      WOW – no instagram… that is quite sad.

      1. Men and boys need to wear “proper” swimming trunks because their other option is often to try and wear cut off shorts instead. You WILL get turned away if you try and wear shorts instead of a real swimtrunk. They will let you wear speedos , even though they don’t have a lining. Or dignity.

  2. Hey Jen:
    Thanks for including Cato’s and most importantly your continued support of the community — your efforts are greatly appreciated. FYI, the Guayabera Shirts are $34.95 and come in assorted colors. Shop Local Greenpoint!

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