While walking up Franklin I stopped in to say hi to our friends at Silk Road Cyles. The boys were wearing these awesome logo t-shirts, which my cat seems to enjoy, too. As I was begging for a t-shirt I realized one of my TO-DOs is to get bike lights.

Bike lights are essential to safe night riding and THE LAW, but they are easy to lose and when you throw them in your bag the switch is easily pressed and the light goes on and drains the battery. Those darn watch batteries that most bike lights have are really expensive, not to mention environmentally UN-friendly. Because of these shortcomings, I sometimes find myself riding lightless, which is just stupid.

My two requests for the perfect bike light: they don’t turn on if I breathe on them AND they are rechargeable. Of course Silk Road Cycles had what I needed.

As opposed to those wrap around silicone lights, these Knog “Blinder” Lights are a pretty penny, at over $45/light, but can we really put a price on safety? These are our lives we are talking about, people!

You have to hold them to turn them on and they charge with USB. Check and check. And in the long run they are eco-friendly and wallet-friendly since we no longer need to buy those expensive and toxic watch batteries.


Ride safe, Greenpoint!

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  1. Awesome review of the lights, and Silk Road is a fantastic shop. They did a much better job tuning up my bike than a more popular shop did.

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