After a long and tiring week, I said, “Jon, what do you want? I will cook you anything in the entire world!”
“Spaghetti Bolognese,” he said. It’s always spaghetti bolognese.

I went to The Meat Hook to get the the good meat, the kind Jon jokes that they “hug to death” and I saw pints of pulled pork next to pints of BBQ sauce and in my periphery I spotted potato rolls. No brainer.

He didn’t ask for Pulled Pork Sammies, but when he sunk his teeth into these delicious little suckers and washed it down with a cold beer on the side, Bolognese wasn’t on his mind.

Sometimes, when you’re cooking for 2, it makes total sense to buy prepared food. The entire meal cost about $20, which is way cheaper than buying a pork shoulder and much cheaper than going out to eat.

It’s really satisfying to sit down to a beautifully “plated” and delicious meal, even though I didn’t make it from scratch because I wasn’t deliriously tired, I wasn’t scrutinizing my creation and I didn’t have a sink full of dishes looming.


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