We posted this photo of this badass dude with his badass ride on the Facebook and we received the best comments. (We omitted the name of the deli and commenters.)

Please submit an illustration inspired by the below comments to be featured on Greenpointers! So good…

#1: There is the best picture inside Jubran. It is the owner’s brother with a falcon in Yemen. It is so bad ass. totally Tumblr-worthy

#2: hey thats my block! the best in Greenpoint of course!

#3: Radfan is the name of the Yemeni dude w/falcon. They are good people, but the store smells like 1000 dead mice are rotting inside the walls.


#4: Radfan is an awesome name… I’m naming my first child that.

#5: They are nice but don’t buy a sandwich there. I have seen their cat laying on the Boars Head Ham.

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