Border Patrol: Konditori Swedish Espresso Bar

KondotoriSometimes you gotta be where you don’t want to be and you need an oasis (of espresso) to quell your fears and anxiety. I work in Midtown and the only comfort I have from the bustle of suits is a swedish espresso bar called Fika, tucked on 58th St, between 5th & 6th. When you walk in, all the insanity stays outside. Plus, their chocolate balls are to die for.

UntitledI feel the same “get me the hell out of here!” when I walk to the L train at Bedford & North 7th. There are too many, too skinny people buzzing around and my jeans feel tight but not small enough at the same time. Have no fear; Kinditori is here! And, it’s a Swedish espresso bar, too.

The subterranean nook’s low ceilings is a cave of espresso heaven. The barista is always nice and the espressos are short and tasty. Their croissants are delicious to boot. Next time you are about to have a panic attack on Bedford, slip into Konditori, and leave it all behind.

167 No. 7th St

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  1. Sherry says:

    Beavis and Butthead: “Haha. You said ‘chocolate balls.'”

    Agreed, Konditori is great.


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