They say April showers bring May flowers, but no one ever said that March is just a series of eighty-degree days followed by random cold fronts. If this column should imply anything, it is that I was very excited for the warmer weather – so much so, that I fear I may have jumped the gun on my little balcony garden.

When Pat Kiernan announced that it would be in the 30s this week, and that we would have a frost, I sprung into action. I wasn’t going to let this whole thing go to waste!


The greenhouse would have to come inside.


This seemed like a simple enough project, I would take the plants in first, line them up on the kitchen table, and then bring the frame of the greenhouse inside. Unfortunately, when moving the seed starter kit, the entire thing split in half (literally cracked down the middle), sending about a gallon of water all over yours truly. A few choice swear words and fifteen minutes of mopping later, I had managed to salvage my seedlings.  Luckily, these babies are just waiting to be transplanted into their adult pots, so they wont miss the kit too much.

The other pest of the transport process was none other than the devil himself, Henry Littleboots. Once I managed to get all the plants back inside, and secure the somewhat wobbly frame, Henry was all over it like a new Christmas tree (as you can see from the top picture). I knew he’d be curious, but the rascal got all up inside it, and even made a bed for himself on top. He hasn’t done any damage (so far), and I figure I have to risk this possibility as a tradeoff for the surefire death that is frost.

My plan for this weekend is to transfer my seedlings into their grown up homes, and maybe look into cherry tomatoes (though I am a total sucker for those gorgeous rainbow colored heirloom ones they sell at the farmer’s market).

How did you take care of your plants this chilly week? Did you make sweaters for their pots? Tell me all about it on twitter @everydaycaitlin !

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