Brian Binsack in The End New York art-gallery

Brian Binsack, 30, is one of four owners of The End New York in Brooklyn, a new multifunctional creative facility, which combines professional recording and photo studio and a rehearsal room. It has a rooftop space for social event rentals and even art-gallery with paintings and sculptures of contemporary artists.

Binsack signed a lease for the space at the western waterfront on Greenpoint Avenue in February this year, and held the first arts event in May 2011. Later in the fall, the End New York finished the latest makeover works and organized a launch party to introduce their latest addition, a new performance venue.

Binsack is a professional composer converted into a businessman. In a short interview he describes his journey from music to entrepreneurship and approach in making a successful startup in New York City.

Listen to the Interview with Bryan 

Listen to Brian Playing Cello


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