Great Backyard Bird Count Starts Today!

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We can all be scientists, civilian scientists that is. Researchers, including ornithologists, rely on data collected from us regular people because they can’t be everywhere at once to observe everything all the time!

Today begins the Great Backyard Bird Count, an annual 4 day event that “engages bird watchers to create a real time snapshot of where birds are across the continent.” After our Winter Bird Walk on 1/28, we learned there are lots of different kinds of birds in Greenpoint!

It takes as little as 15 minutes on any day between today 2/17- 2/20. Your data helps birds!

How? Just look out your window, or any location in Greenpoint, and count the number and types of birds you observe.

If you need help check out the Kings County bird count list. This list will blow your mind. Once you’re done, just enter your data by March 5, 2012. Plus there is a huge photo library and photo contest you can submit to.

I just completed my bird count from the window at the Kingsland Ave HQ.

6 Housesparrows
2 House Finches

Just after I completed this post, I was washing dishes and looked out the window and saw this Cooper’s Hawk eating a pigeon. It was magnificent.

I also made this video.

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  1. The world is going to the birds.


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