I’ve lived in the neighborhood for years and have pondered this question for as many of them as I can remember. “Why don’t more truly great restaurants open up in Greenpoint?” I can still count on my hands the establishments that I consider SOLID. I’ve been on this food roller coaster for a while and I still feel like I am climbing towards the first big drop. When Anella opened I thought we were over the hump. When Le Gamin opened I though for sure we were headed into a double corkscrew. The crazy coaster into restaurant heaven seems to be a much slower and gradual ride than I anticipated with the last excitement being this summers Lobster Joint.

Hopefully we are about to get crazy. The next stomach pleaser opens in a week on Manhattan Ave between Kent and Java. When I heard it was a new sandwich shop, something I know a bit about, I was even more excited. The semi-famous, mini empire of No. 7 Sub, you may know them from Fort Greene or the ACE hotel location, has taken up residence in the former Polish Diner space. You may remember that storefront as the Polish buffet or, before that, just a Polish restaurant pseudo club named Damis. Regardless of it’s past, it’s future is bright. Bright to the tune of a revamped sandwich menu and an accompanying liquor license.

If you are unfamiliar with the No. 7 Sub menu just know their talent is putting amazing ingredients that you would never think go together between a crusty, in-house baked, submarine roll. From the GENERAL TSO’S TOFU (Yellow Squash, Shiso, Pickled Ginger) to the BRISKET (Chinese Mustard, Pickled Mushrooms, Parsley) the ingredients harmoniously live together delighting your tastebuds and olfactory system to new heights. In the image above I was lucky enough to score a BROCCOLI, Lychee Muchim, Ricotta Salata, Pine Nuts sub for lunch.

While visiting I spoke with owners Matt and Tyler last week to get the scoop. The space is completely renovated in the aesthetic of their ACE hotel outpost but is 4 times the size. Tyler explained that this will allow them to augment the sandwich menu with some other “awesomeness.” The awesomeness details were not revealed but with the larger space and larger kitchen I think they will have the luxury of whipping up some specials when they see fit. The sandwich shop will stay true to its roots and not become a bar with great sandwiches according to Tyler. The sandwiches will always be the focus but now you can enjoy with a beer or a scotch. Your choice.


Since I have watched the shops renovation progress from my window and love their unique twist on a global classic, it’s safe to say I’ll be sampling quite often. Never fear. I’ll provide a full rundown of the eats once the shop opens it’s doors and is in full swing. Perhaps we’re at the crest of that big roller coaster and by spring we’ll be shooting down the big drop not knowing what tasty restaurant to eat at first.

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