This facial could not have come at a better time. My skin and brain were feeling stressed.
A facial seemed like a good idea, but a facial on Nassau Avenue? I don’t have a regular place. Past facials had been vacation indulgences or afterwork in Manhattan. I’d say I have enjoyed about half, some were awkward or rough, some effective and satisfying.
At Freckle Salon, I received one of my best facials from Ania, owner and skin care expert, who started in Poland then worked for many years at a salon in Soho. But Ania and her business feel at home in Greenpoint.
At first the name threw me off, maybe because I grew up being called “Punky Brewster,” but Ania explained that freckles are natural, just like the products she uses, a hybrid of organic ingredients plus modern skincare products, like Dermalogica. Plus, she hates all the beauty salon names out there; Freckle stands out and is memorable.
I walked in and said, “this place is nice,” and a friendly customer getting highlights said, “and so are the people!” She was right.
What Freckle doesn’t have that salons in the city do is that weird, “I don’t know what to do with myself because this place is so eerily zen I feel uncomfortable” – vibe. Ania talked to me like a neighbor.” The chatter from the main room was comforting, rather than the “calming” music in most spas that makes me want to run out with half my robe on.
And Ania never left me wondering, what is going on? In Manhattan I always suspect the facialist is working on someone else at the same time because she will leave for minutes that feel like hours. But Ania was always there massaging my shoulders in the downtime.
She started by cleaning then massaging my face with coconut oil that felt and smelled great. At home, she explained, food grade coconut oil is great for massage. The steam on my face was really calming and the perfect temperature. Aside from a scrubby exfoliant she used a neat ultrasonic peeling device to remove dead skin cells.
After more massage and hot compresses, it was extraction time! She wasn’t one of the sadists who get OCD on every single pore until you are writhing in pain. She prepped my skin so well that when squeeze time came, it was a piece of cake. Then she used another device, called high frequency (pictured) to kill bacteria. And she let me take a cool picture of it with my fisheye! Last, a soothing mask.
When I left my skin was calm and felt great; not red and blotchy like some of the facials I’d received. I felt totally de-stressed and my complexion was bright.
Try a facial or one of the many other professional skin or haircare services at Freckle and save that swipe on your metrocard. You can get a Soho facial right here in Greenpoint.

Freckle Skin Care
154 Nassau Ave

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