Our SALE begins for the month of December only!  Usha Veda Yoga is here to encourage you to stay bright and focused while enjoying holiday cheer and to spread the peace by giving the gift of yoga to your loved ones.  Account credit may be used anytime so it may be added to your existing membership to be used in the future.  **Sale begins 12/1 and ends 1/1.

Reiki!  New rate $60 for 60 minutes.

See website for details: www.ushavedayoga.com


10 class card $99
Unlimited Month $99 (no freezes on sale single month)
3 Months $270
6 Months $450
1 Year! $700

Mysore Ashtanga Memberships

Mysore Unlimited 3 Months $500
Mysore 3x/Wk 3 Months $400
Mysore 6 Months $800
Mysore 6 Months 3x/Wk $650
Mysore Year! $1,300
Mysore 3x/Wk Year! $1,100

**Also Reiki sessions start at $60/60 minutes!

Questions? Emails: usha (at)ushavedayoga.com

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