On November 2, 2011 The Diamond held a ladies arm wrestling competition. Even though I’m pathetically little and had no chance, I gave it a shot. I did a few things to prepare. First, I did my nails. If I was going to lose at least I’d look good. Next, I studied strategy. Diamond Dave sent all the ladies a tip sheet. Arm wrestling is about leverage, so if you can’t win on brute strength there are other ways to tackle a stronger opponent. The three moves are the hook, the top roll and the press. My only shot was the top roll, but as you can see in this video, brute strength was the winner. Enjoy!

And if you think you can kick-butt, The Diamond is hosting another competition in January, and it will be ladies vs. wimpy guys (men under 145lbs)! Email: dave (at) thediamondbrooklyn.com

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