This is a great opportunity for local artists to show at the new Mama’s coming to Brooklyn soon!


Show Your Love for Mama’s! 
Your favorite East Village comfort food is soon to have its third address! (in Brooklyn!)
After launching a hotspot outpost at Veronica’s, owner Jeremiah Clancy announced the new Mama’s Brooklyn will open in late October 2011.
The Clancy family is asking for some extra TLC with an open call to submit a photo, sketch or painted portrait of your mom to be featured in the new restaurant.
Selected submissions will be rewarded with dinner for 2 courtesy of Mama herself, and a chance to say ‘Hey that’s my Mom!’ when the new spot opens.
Email submissions to
Send your piece to Mama’s Food Shop
Attn: Sweet Mama  200 E. 3rd Street NY NY 10009.

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