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Sad times on Franklin St: VPC Closing

One of Greenpoint’s best and proudly gayest bars is closing it’s doors. Over the past few weeks, everyone has been asking: “Is it true that VPC  is closing?” The answer is sadly, yes. Why? Heather, owner, cannot comment. More dialogue from patrons: “What happened?” “That’s BS!” “I love that place!” “This sucks!” “Is it because it’s a gay bar?” “Noise complaints? “It isn’t loud!” “I don’t get it.” “Awful!” “Where am I going to watch drag race?” On and on…

The reality is: VPC’s party is over. Not only was it a great bar, with great cocktails and an awesome staff and crowd, but they supported the community, especially the art and food community…

The memories: VPC was the unofficial headquarters for Bring to Light. Antojitos Mexicanos Saturdays was the best Mexican food in town. There Cara Canella’s led her first Speak Easy Series. Morta Di Fame served rice balls to Greenpoint during it’s first Sicilian Sunday Supper Club. I wrote my check to Justine for over Mama’s “slammin” Mac n’ Cheese. I bought my best sweater at a VPC Vintage Pop-Up. Ugly Art Room’s Balls Out Fundraiser & Food Competition raffled off a cat castration from Greenpoint Vet to a girl with a puppy! Greenpointers was looking forward to making many more messes in Terrarium Class. And Veronica People’s Club was the only way I could get my lezzie friend Maria to visit me in Brooklyn for the Kielbasa party. She lives in Manhattan on the same block as Heather’s, VPC’s sister bar, and drove the waiters insane because she wanted a cocktail off the Heather’s menu. I will greatly miss their strongest espresso, which won a prize in the Greenpointers Espresso Tour.

I am sure everyone has their own great memories at Veronica People’s Club. We need places like this. Places that open their doors and let the little people do their thing, to support the art and food community and have a blast doing it.


Please drop by on Saturday at 2pm for a final farewell Veronica People’s Club!
$4 well drinks, draft, and wine
Plus, Antojitos Mexicanos at 3pm & Self-Portrait Project 2pm-8pm
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This is a great opportunity for local artists to show at the new Mama’s coming to Brooklyn soon!


Show Your Love for Mama’s! 
Your favorite East Village comfort food is soon to have its third address! (in Brooklyn!)
After launching a hotspot outpost at Veronica’s, owner Jeremiah Clancy announced the new Mama’s Brooklyn will open in late October 2011.
The Clancy family is asking for some extra TLC with an open call to submit a photo, sketch or painted portrait of your mom to be featured in the new restaurant.
Selected submissions will be rewarded with dinner for 2 courtesy of Mama herself, and a chance to say ‘Hey that’s my Mom!’ when the new spot opens.
Email submissions to [email protected]
Send your piece to Mama’s Food Shop
Attn: Sweet Mama  200 E. 3rd Street NY NY 10009.
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Mama’s Pop-Up at VPC

© Greenpointers

After finally trying the amazing Saturday Antojitos Mexican Pop-Up at VPC, I had to try Mama’s Pop-Up. I walk by the chalk board door and see the menu and just want it to be delicious and comforty. It was the perfect place for Justine and I to take care of (blog) biz. Boy there are a lot of passwords!

I tend to over order, but the heavier dishes: meatloaf wrapped in bacon with gravy and fried chicken sammy were well-balanced by the veggie dishes: cucumber and beet salads, and the ever so light mac n’ cheese and corn bread. (How could you not?)

Imagine the above dish in front of you, then imagine it tasting awesome. I woofed it. Justine summed it up: “this shit is slammin!” Why do you have to go Justine?

Mama’s Pop-Up Wed, Thurs, & Fri, 6 –10 pm @ Veronica People’s Club (105 Franklin) $10: 3 veggie sides, $11: meat + 1 side, $12: meat + 2 sides

Mama’s is opening a location in Williamsburg soon, but I hope they keep this up at VPC forever!

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Mama’s Comes to VPC

Mama’s is bringing its delicious fried chicken and legendary mac and cheese to Greenpoint via Mama’s Pop-Up Restaurant inside Veronica People’s Club.

Starting July 20th, plates of fried chicken, pork shoulder, seasonal veggies, and mac and cheese will be available to eat in or take out every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6 pm – 10 pm at Veronica People’s Club on 105 Franklin St. Prices are cheaper than the East Village location ($10 for 3 veggie sides, $11 meat + 1 side, $12 meat + 2 sides), but the portions are just as generous, and it coincides with VPC happy hour. Additional special: New England Narragansett beer $3 with Mama’s food.

What’s even better? A full location complete with beer and wine is coming to Williamsburg as soon as next month!

Mama’s Pop-Up Shop at Veronica People’s Club
105 Franklin Street (between Greenpoint and Milton)
(718) 349-2901
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 6 pm – 10 pm
July 20th – Fall

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