Scooter Board

“Its not called a scooter board!”

Whatever it’s called, its a sweet piece of trash Scott scored on Franklin St.

“This is the best day!”

I had the fish eye in my bag: score #2.

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  1. I took a more “professional” shot of it this morning.

    I’m sending it off to a pro this week to get overhauled, though it’s in pretty good shape as is. The rangefinder is too dim, and the lens focus ring is too tight, but hopefully with a good cleaning, it will be as good as it was new (in 1955). This is THE model of Leica I have been wanting for years now, and it basically fell in my lap.

    The guy was very cool. I randomly asked if I could shoot his portrait on the street while he was smoking a cigarette. I was shooting with two different cameras, each with black and white film loaded. He told me he had this Leica upstairs, and would rather it get used by someone who knew what they were doing with it. I said I’d check it out, but was NOT expecting an M3 in GREAT shape. He offered me an unbelievably good price, so I ran home, got the money, ran back, and snatched it up. I will also be giving him some photos I take with it (and the ones I took with my camera that day). Talking to random people on the street paid off! haha

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