I am officially a bird obsessed nerd. Birds are awesome. Why? They fly! There are a lot of amazing bird species native to New York and migratory friends who pass through. I spotted these two double crested cormorants perched near the East River Ferry dock. These birds are big, a couple of feet tall, and they dive and swim underwater to feed on fish. God knows what they are eating from the East River! You might see them sitting, 4 foot wing span spread out drying their wings because their feathers are not waterproof. As couples, they are really good for each other; the males and females build their nest together, the male goes out and gets the materials while the female tricks out their digs. Sharing and caring.

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  1. There is a colony of cormorants on U Thant island in the East River between LIC and THE UN building. Depending on where you live in Greenpoint and if you have binoculars you can see them.

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