I have loved vintage clothing since I was in junior high. I have collected and sold it in all different shapes and forms for the last 13 years. It supplements my income and it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. I got an email from a vintie friend who also happens to be located in North Brooklyn about their plans for a vintage wholesale business right here in Greenpoint.

We are looking for an industrial commercial space in Greenpoint (although would also consider Williamsburg and Bushwick) to wholesale vintage clothing. It does not need to be retail ready, although we will allow walk ins so we don’t want anything so raw that it’s uncomfortable for a regular shopper. We would love to be in a warehouse community with other artists and creatives. We need a minimum of 5000 square feet and would require some sort of loading dock and freight elevator. In our experience, the best spots are always found through word of mouth so if you have any leads or even just another person we can talk to, we would be eternally grateful.

Ideally, we want to run the business in such a way that our location can double as an occasional show venue and community event space – things we know Greenpoint needs more of.

Please send all questions, thoughts, ideas, well wishes, etc to gpointvintage@gmail.com.

I don’t usually make posts regarding real estate – seriously, realtors are ALWAYS emailing me hoping I’ll pimp out their latest condo for sale in Greenpoint – but this is something I would love to see come to the neighborhood. There are so many industrial buildings around, I’m hoping something can be found so they set up shop right here!


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