Kat & Sam are two of the wildest, foodiest, creative and talented chicks I know and I’m proud to share their upcoming food & art extravaganza: Something I Ate. Basics of the event goes like this: artists are asked to document a week’s worth of their eating experience and produce an art piece in whatever medium their choose. Using these works as inspiration, Chef Sam Kim (aka Skimkim Foods) will create a special dish paired with cocktails for everyone to indulge. Talk about indulgent consumption!

“With Something I Ate, we intend to share various perceptions of food in everyday life and give creatives a dynamic atmosphere in which to potentially collaborate with other creatives on their own future work. The idea is from food, we derive pleasure, satisfaction, energy and inspiration and these elements, whether cognizant of them or not, ignite our creative fires. We hope that by engaging in a ‘breaking bread’ environment creatives will become more at home to explore working with other creatives in the room.”

All event details in image, more info here.

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