Last month I received an email from Brian Walsh about his short documentary Bushwick Creek: The Movie. It’s been on my list of things to do since then. Finally, last night I had a chance to watch the five part piece and it was truly fascinating. Some bits of Greenpoint history, environmental impact info, and even an interview with George J. Weinmann who I immediately recognized from my childhood. While I don’t remember exactly where I know him from, I’m sure it’s just from seeing him around Greenpoint as a child.

Either way, I learned that George is part of the folks behind the Greenpoint Monitor Museum and visits local schools to educate kids about the history of Greenpoint. I got a soft spot for the Monitor since I went to PS 110 aka The Monitor School and they drilled the history of that ironclad ship into our brains.

The movie is short, about 20 minutes, and I found it immensely interesting – but I’m kind of a history dork. I highly recommend it. And definitely check out Brian’s site which has even more info and history on Greenpoint.

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