Friday night I had a chance to properly check out Lokal for dinner with one of my girlfriends. I’d been to Lokal a couple of times for brunch but this was my first attempt at dinner.

Lokal has the distinct advantage of being on a corner that is simply perfect for people watching in the warmer months. With their open air design and sidewalk tables, it’s one of the best spots in the neighborhood to just chill and watch the parade of folks heading to McCarren Park. But with the colder months, I get the feeling Lokal likely loses out a little on the leisurely walk-in traffic they probably get when the doors are open and the tables are out.

Lokal by YUMMY Brooklyn via Flickr

The ambiance on Friday night was wonderful. It was cozy and warm with lots of candle light and fantastic service. The food was delicious. Fresh bread and olive oil was brought to the table and drinks were served. Forgive my cell phone photos!

We started off with a shared appetizer of their grilled pizza of the day – it was chicken and broccoli and came made to order (minus the olives – neither of us like ’em). It was definitely enough for two and I think would suffice for an appetizer for three. We both really enjoyed the pizza – just enough crust, great toppings.

For dinner I had the Pan Roasted Cod which came with sauteed asparagus, mashed potatoes and lemon-butter dill sauce. The cod was amazing, I loved it. Cooked perfectly and the whole dish was perfectly sized, I only left a small coouple of bites left on the plate.

My friend ordered the Roasted Pork Loin with roasted fennel, grape tomatoes, rosemary fingerling potatoes and grenache. It came with three hefty sized pieces of pork and a mound of potatoes. She wound up taking some home with her. I tasted the pork and it too was delicious. The pork was actually my first choice but we didn’t want to order the same thing.

Finally, Daniel our server – who was so cool and quick to offer suggestions and opinions when we asked – said we needed to order the panna cotta for dessert. One of the most amazing things to me is that Lokal makes their own desserts. Most restaurants don’t do this – they have pre-made desserts that they warm up or add to when you order them. Lokal makes their own fresh tiramisu, apple cobbler thingy, panna cotta and others. Even if you’re not necesszarily up for a big dinner, it’s a really great spot to get a drink and an app and then share some dessert. I also thought it was an ideal date spot for dinner.

Lokal also has online ordering for delivery, availbale for private events, gift certificates. They also have a kickass Burger & Beer daily special. If you haven’t checked Lokal out for dinner, you need to. Take your girlfriend, spend a little extra and spring for dessert – it’ll be so worth it.

Lokal Mediterranean Bistro
905 Lorimer Street at Bedford Ave
(718) 384-6777

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