This Saturday, Clayspace is holding it’s annual Seconds & Samples sale. During this unique occasion, visitors will be able to seize the opportunity to have quality ceramic work at highly discounted prices. For sale will be pieces from last year’s collections, artist’s samples and seconds.

Clayspace 1205 is a shared studio for professional clay artists. The community currently boasts over 20 members, who specialize in functional ceramic ware, designed objects for the home, and ceramic artwork.

Participating ceramists:
Andrew Fair
Beetle and flor /
Clamlab /
Janine Sopp /
Mgmy /
Michiko Shimada /
Sonia Sehil /
Warren Bennet
Yoshimi Tanakah

Annual Clayspace 1205 Ceramics Seconds and Samples Sale
Saturday February 12, 2011 from noon to 7pm
1205 Manhattan Ave. Suite 2-4-1

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