Our own lovelty Christina works over at Insound and sent over some great picks for holiday shopping – not to mention a cherry sweet Greenpointers exclusive discount – Get 10% off until Dec. 23 with coupon code: greenpointers10.

What’s a perfect gift for a girl or guy? Cool band t-shirts, of course. Insound’s got a ton and the newest ones can be found right here, including this classicly cool and understated Black Keys one for just $19.99.

I bet your parents would LOVE if you took some of their all time favorite records and cassettes and presented them with a digital version they can have forever. And yeah, you can also rip those awesome mixtapes from junior high and relive the memories yourself, too. The Instant Music RDX-151-EF vinyl and cassette ripper for Macs is totally for you! Buy back your memories for $69.99.
Just plug the Instant Music into a USB port on your Mac and you are ready to begin recording from any analog audio source in AIFF format using Roxio CD Spin Doctor 3 (included in the package). Convert the AIFF audio into the most popular digital audio formats available such as MP3, AAC or Apple Lossless using iTunes.


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