But wait, WE DO! And we need to vote on how to use it! TODAY!

Thursday, December 2nd
3pm to 8pm
131 Norman Avenue (near McGuinness Boulevard

This week, you will have a chance to express your preferences about which of the 22 projects you would like the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to fund. Your preferences will be an important factor that the DEC will take into consideration when they make their final decision.

Please read the directions carefully. You MUST indicate your top five choices. Any forms listing fewer than five choices will be discarded.

Thank you for participating.

Sadly the following forms are only for people who have attended the public meetings and are on the e-mail list for the project. But at least you can check them out and be prepared when you vote in person at PS 34 tonight.:
Newtown Creek Projects
Newtown Creek Ballot
Feasibility Ratings Explanation

My choices?

18. Transmitter Park Renovation (Building)
12. McGolrick Park Repairs/Renovations
2. Apollo Street End
3. Barge Park Dog Run
10. McCarren Pool

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