Last night I wandered my way over to the newly established “Holiday Bizaar,” a wholly unique space that calls itself a “hybrid gallery, shop, event space, and studio” located on 82 Oak St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Currently it is a large room displaying curios, artworks, natural articles, cans, and clothing that is all for sale and leisurely observing.
Holiday Bizaar is quite the definition of a community space. It was the brainchild of four friends who wanted to create a kind of place that challenges the creativity not only of themselves but also of those around them. Plans are still in the works regarding organized events, but it sounds as if the Bizaar is setting out to create holiday-themed movie nights (Miracle on 34th St. and Nightmare Before Christmas were mentioned), along with Wednesday “Drink and Draw” night where fellow Greenpointers (and any one!) can bring in materials and drinks of any sort and join in a communal creation of art. 
What’s cool about this new place is the how open to ideas the creators are. If you have something you would like to sell in the space, please feel free to email the Holiday Bizaar ( They are also doing a take on the traditional holiday can drive. Having a set of cans as part of an art instillation, visitors to the space are asked buy a can coloring card (for $1) and add it next to the piece. They then plan to donate the cans to the Greenpoint Reform Church on Milton St.
It seems that the Holiday Bizaar is to be an awesome new destination spot, constantly evolving and completely accepting to your ideas. They are open to customers/visitors Wednesday – Sunday, 1 pm to 8 pm from now until December 24th. As the space plans to constantly evolve, I would recommend stopping several times from now until the 24th during their moment on Oak Street.
Holiday Bizaar
82 Oak St. (between Franklin St. and West St.)
Open Wed. – Sun. 1 pm to 8 pm
Nov. 17th to Dec. 24th

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