Just in time for the shopping season, Oak Street is going to be home to Holiday Bizaar. On Sunday they had a sneak peek but on Wednesday it’s open to everyone.

On November 17th, Holiday Bizaar: A Gentle Initiation unfurls as a hybrid gallery, shop, event space and studio at 82 Oak Street in West Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Nestled on a waterfront block, this shape-shifting space will transform daily with fine hewn goods, workshops and gatherings. The aesthetic celebrates wintry descent – an urban black forest where branch dens grow from crisp white walls. Laced clogs, marbled books, gelatin silver prints and other curiosities burrow into the timbered environs.

The fundamental concept behind Holiday Bizaar is to challenge the notion of traditional retail concepts, and to assemble artists and designers from New York and further afield.

The space, housed within Greenpoint View, will be open to customers Wednesday through Sunday from 1PM – 8PM through December 24. A selection of art presentations, film screenings and nighttime gatherings will accent the multidimensional nature of this project.


Please join us Sunday the 14th from 7pm – 11pm for a celebratory birth of the Bizaar.

For more information and images please visit http://www.holidaybizaar.com/
or send an email to kringle@holidaybizaar.com

82 Oak Street Greenpoint, Brooklyn http://www.holidaybizaar.com/

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