On a drizzly Saturday morning 20 vendors set up tent at McCarren Park for the first ever Artists & Fleas satellite market, made possible through a collaboration with Open Space Alliance. The Market in McCarren featured a variety of clothing and accesory designs and even included homemade doggy treats. The booths were lined along the bathroom building at the center of the park and attracted passerbys with awkward dance performances and rowdy music. A photo review:

An elegant gold bird hair pin by ATHD,

Polarizing t-shirts by Dangerous Breed,

Potentially hazardous underwear by Knickers and No Fur Coat,

Badass knuckle rings by Verameat,


Scrumptious and organic doggy treats by Brooklyn Dog Bites,

Mesmerizing photographs by JS McGregor,

Squiggly rings by Rebbeca W. Stern,

Dirt encrusted jewelry by Saru Star,

Yummy refreshments by Brooklyn Standard,

A spastic dance troupe,

A head thumping, body wringing music performance,

Irresistibly handsome dogs,


And my one and only.

I was also manning a table for North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition, whose India Street Mural Project is coming along with artists planned to be announced tomorrow. The market should be around every Saturday so if you like what you see set up a blanket, tan that pale skin, grab an apple at the Green market near by and support your independent designers.

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