Last Thursday there was a meeting at Connie O’s for starting up the new Greenpoint / Williamsburg Dart League but we only got three teams to show up so we did a little visiting around town and gave out sign-up sheets to bars.

Right now, the only bars I know of that have the sign-up sheet up and ready to put your John Hancock on are Coco’s and Mark Bar. Both bars expressed interest in sponsoring a team but they need players! So get down there TONIGHT and sign-up with your friends. Mark Bar has the list right where the dart board is located on the wall and Coco’s has their taped to the end of the bar closest to the bathrooms entrance.

We also gave sign-up sheets to Red Star, Spike Hill, Tommy’s Tavern, R Bar, Turkey’s Nest and Mulholland’s. If you frequent these joints, stop by and mention you’d love to play for them – they expressed interest previously and a simple nudge by one of their customers may make it happen!

Check out my previous post for more info.


*img from bridgeandtunnelclub.com

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